Eventi Italiani in Sudafrica

Vieni ad incontrare il protagonista di questo memorabile viaggio attraverso l’Africa


Alessandro comes from Treviso where he was born 40 years ago, only child of a mid class family. After finishing a technical school he decided to embark in different seasonal jobs as barman and waiter in UK instead of a fixed position in an office. His plan was to save money for travelling. His restless spirit was longing for more than a desk in a cubicle.


He fell in love with Africa and crossed Uganda hitchhiking. He soon became a travel junkie.
His dream was to cross Africa from Kenya to the Cape Point by bicycle.


After travelling more than 4000 kilometers via a blue bicycle from Tanzania to the Mother City, Alessandro Barbisan, fulfilled that dream to cycle across the beautiful, yet powerful African continent.


He started this monumental challenge in February of this year and has just arrived in the Cape bringing a bit of the African heat along with him.


Join us this Friday, 13th July at Società Dante Alighieri to hear the riveting tale of his travels free of charge.


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